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Wellbeing Foundation Africa and Reckitt Visit Model Primary School in Abuja

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA), in partnership with Reckitt, a leading British multinational specializing in health, hygiene, and nutrition, conducted a significant impact visit to Model Primary School in Maitama, Abuja, on May 28, 2024. This visit aimed to assess the success of the Dettol Hygiene Quest (DHQ) program, a key initiative by WBFA under Reckitt’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment. The DHQ program focuses on promoting health and hygiene practices among young students.

The day commenced with the arrival of the WBFA Team followed by the distribution of 400 T-shirts to pupils in grades 2 to 6. Hajiya Mario Hassan, the Head Teacher of Model Primary School, delivered a welcoming address, expressing gratitude to WBFA and the Reckitt Team for choosing their school for this visit. She acknowledged the significant contributions made, including the renovation of the WASH station and the establishment of a Dettol Hygiene Quest Wash Club, which greatly benefit the students.

Dr. Francis Ogbise, Director of Programs at WBFA, introduced all the participants at the event, including Mr. Kris Licht, CEO of Reckitt, accompanied by his international team; Hamzah Sarwar, Global Social Impact and Partnerships at Reckitt; Radhakrishnan, Chief HR Officer; Patty O’Hayer, Global Head of External Communications & Affairs; Serra Bicak, Senior Vice President, Africa Middle East; Akbar Ali Shah, General Manager, Reckitt Sub-Saharan Africa; Cassandra Uzo-Ogbugh, Head of External Comms & Partnerships, Reckitt Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as Her Excellency Toyin Ojora Saraki, President and Founder of WBFA, and Mrs. Adanna Maduka, WBFA's Director of Policy, Partnerships, and Grants, along with other distinguished guests.

During the visit, students demonstrated their understanding of hand hygiene through various activities, including reciting poems, engaging in a Q&A session on hand hygiene, performing songs, and participating in a handwashing demonstration led by WBFA's Nurse Educator, Mrs. Jennifer Ighalo.

Mr. Licht commended the students for their insightful presentations on handwashing and their overall awareness of hand hygiene practices. He emphasized the importance of utilizing the available handwashing stations within the school premises consistently to uphold good hygiene standards.

In her address, Her Excellency Mrs. Toyin Saraki extended warm wishes to the children on Children's Day and recounted the inspiration behind initiating the WASH program. She recalled an incident during Africa Vaccination Week in April 2018, where she observed a lack of handwashing facilities at a hospital in Duste Makaranta. This experience underscored the importance of clean water and soap in educational and healthcare institutions, particularly given that only 22% of such facilities in Nigeria possessed these basic amenities. Her Excellency reiterated her dedication to supporting the SDG goals of reaching 6 million children by 2023 under Goal 3: Health and Wellbeing.

Hajiya Mario Hassan, the Head Teacher of Model Primary School, expressed gratitude to WBFA and its partners for their involvement and for equipping students with essential hygiene knowledge. She noted significant improvements in hand hygiene practices among students, attributing these advancements to the weekly engagements with WBFA nurse educators.

This visit underscores WBFA and Reckitt's dedication to promoting enhanced hygiene practices in Nigerian schools, thereby contributing to the overall health and well-being of students.

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