Millennium Development Goals

The Wellbeing Foundation is working hard to tackle development challenges and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

We have many projects that speak directly to the Millennium Development Goals and a number are listed below each development goal:

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Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

The Indigent Medical Fund provides help to families unable to meet healthcare bills

Our work around community development supports people to lift themselves out of poverty


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Achieve universal primary education

We provide scholarships and educational grants to enable children to attend school and support them throughout their education



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Promote gender equality and empower women

We prioritise achieving gender equality and empowering women through a number of initiatives targetted especially at these groups. These include the Personal Health Record©, support for the Every Woman, Every Child Initiative and advocating for female child education



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Reduce child mortality

Through initiatives such as the Personal Health Record reduce child morbidity and mortality. The PHR records all health-related events that happen to the child from the womb until the child is 5 years old. Given to the mother when she first presents as pregnant to register for antenatal care, the PHR serves to document all health information relating to immunisations, illnesses and treatments, and growth and development of the baby before, during and after delivery until the child’s fifth birthday.


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Improve maternal health

in families and improving maternal health are the key aims of the Wellbeing Foundation. As such, through advocacy for the deployment of the PHR© within the Midwives Service Scheme we are taking an active role in ensuring universal access to effective and affordable healthcare for women in pregnancy, with skilled care at delivery and the immediate postnatal period. By increasing access to health care, women become more health literate and empowered to recognise when their care is not up to scratch and seek appropriate, culturally acceptable health care.


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Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases

Our work to ensure universal access to health has led us to develop programmes such as  Positive Lifeline and Indigent Medical Programme that provide counselling, voluntary testing services, referral to care for opportunistic infections, access to anti-retroviral therapy, monitoring of cell counts and grants for education and cottage industries to improve family income generation capacity. We also run peer-education sessions, advocate for increased distribution of long lasting insecticide treated nets to pregnant mothers and families, and undertake outreach programmes in schools including deworming programmes and advocating for better water and sanitation practices.


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Ensure environmental sustainability

WBF is committed to preserving ecological biodiversity and creating sustainable development. We are involved in teaching the Clean and Green culture and attitude in Nigeria. We seek to promote environmental sustainability through partnerships such as with Village Earth


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Develop a global partnership for development

We are involved in many instances of collaboration on the local, national and international levels, building a network of partners to drive development in Africa forward. Toyin Saraki herself plays a key role in advocating for collaboration and engagement internationally where WBF is an active partner, as well as establishing women groups and cooperatives at the grassroots level.