The Wellbeing Foundation is a pan-African organisation seeking to create real and sustainable change for African families by working with communities across the continent to build capacities and empower women. Through projects such as the Personal Health Record, we give people across Africa the ability to seek better lives for themselves and for their communities.

We are focused on reaching the UN Millennium Development Goals, in particular goals three, four and five:

3 - Promote gender equality and empower women
4 - Reduce child mortality
5 - Improve maternal health

Currently, sub-Saharan Africa is failing to meet these goals. The region still has the highest levels of under-five mortality - one in eight children die before the age of five, nearly twice the average in developing regions overall and nearly 18 times the average in developed regions. Due to rapid progress in other regions, the disparity between sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world is growing.

Maternal death rates have declined just 26% since 1990 and currently stand at 640 per 100,000 births, well short of the 218 per 100,000 2015 target. Together, sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia accounted for 87% of all such deaths globally in 2008.

The UN Millennium Development Goals Report 2011 concluded that the 2015 targets will only be achieved through sustained and accelerated action. We undertake a grassroots approach by partnering community groups with the private sector to introduce the best global practices while taking account of local variants.

We have a mission to make people's lives better; to encourage, enable, empower and inspire; to comfort those in sorrow and distress and to triumph over sickness, poverty and lack of opportunity.