Annual Scrabble Competition

17Secondary school students participating in the Annual Scrabble tournamentThis annual competition was initiated by the Wellbeing Foundation and the Nigerian Scrabble Federation as a radical literacy and numeracy initiative for secondary school students. The competition is also targeted at encouraging the spirit of healthy competition among students ambitious to utilise these skills in the outside world.

The competition started with a train, the trainers workshop in which English and Games teachers in 16 secondary schools in Kwara State were taken through the basics of the game of scrabble. Equipment for the games was distributed to the schools for them to prepare for the competition.

We believe Scrabble to be a richly rewarding educational and social experience: while playing, the person is in constant contact with words and consciously has to build up his or her vocabulary and spelling proficiency. Scrabble is also a game that constantly challenges the minds of the players as they form interlocking words on the playing board, using their tiles in combinations and locations to take advantage of letter values on the board.

We hope that this initiative will help to equip students with the knowledge and confidence to go out and engage actively in economic life.