Community Development

34Toyin Saraki presents a microcredit facility to the leader of the Market Women Association at the launch of the WBF microcredit schemeWBF is committed to providing opportunities for our communities through capacity building in order to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

We are the Nigerian and African partner of Village Earth (The Consortium for Sustainable Village-based Development). This partnership aims to address global poverty by bridging the gap between the two thirds of the world's population that live in poverty and the remaining one third who have access to abundant technical, financial, social and informational resources.

The pilot program of this new alliance will be in Kwara State and will facilitate the development of effective approaches to specialised problems. The program will incorporate a Training and Development Centre to act as a meeting place for villagers to gather, interact, and discuss development ideas, projects and programs, and a micro credit programme. These elements enable villagers to ensure the sustainability of their own community development by giving them the tools to produce goods and services that can be exported for income, and to become part of an international producer and consumer market.

It is hoped that this participatory approach will provide access to resources in the areas of education, agriculture, private enterprise, water supply, environment and sanitation, social welfare, safety and security, vocational training and micro credit.

This process also complements and builds a Collaborative NGO Network, thereby enhancing the impact of a Collaborative Global Village Network.