The WellBeing Foundation and its sister organisations, are registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as non-governmental organisations. The Foundation consists of the following parts:

  • The WellBeing Foundation
  • The Kwara WellBeing Trust
  • Every Child Foundation
  • Mothers Kwara Foundation
  • All Kwara Women's Association

The WellBeing Foundation is an equal opportunities organisation, which does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, creed, race, colour, health status, or religious and political affiliation in its projects, actions, and employment policy.

The Wellbeing Foundation is privately endowed, with additional income derived from copyright trademarks and patent royalties of our key interventions, including the IMNCH Personal Health Record, Universal Health Maternity Record, Universal Health Child Record, MamaKit (Midwives), Mamakit (Mothers), Mamakit (Village Health Workers), BabyKit, BabyKitBox, SkillsAndDrills MidwiferyToolkit, Baby Friendly Breastfeeding Manual.

We seek to ensure as many people as possible can access our WBFA trademarked tools and resources. Through the Wellbeing Foundation, we donate our tools on a charitable basis to people in need. To achieve scale and allow us to reach even more people with lifesaving resources, our interventions are also available from approved and trusted private sector distributors. For more information on where to find our resources, click here.

In a new era of Sustainable Development, more and more charities are developing new sustainable structures that can allow them to change more lives and reach scale. WBFA is pleased to inform you about the new social enterprise, Wellbeing Universal Health. Wellbeing Universal Health is an ethical social enterprise that supplies a range of health interventions to the private sector with clients that range from hospitals and healthcare providers to individuals. 100% of Wellbeing Universal Health’s profits go directly to WBFA to aid in saving the lives of thousands of mothers and babies in Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa, and the world. For more information, visit Wellbeing Universal Health.